Luna Vie Tattoos




All prices plus HST. All services include a complementary consultation.

A deposit is required for all new bookings. Minimum deposit amount is $40.

Accepted forms of payment:

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(Note: Touch-ups from $40/hr or included for eligible tattoos.)


  • Greyscale Tattoos - From $80

  • Colour Tattoos - From $90

  • Invisible UV Tattoos - From $120

Hourly Rate: $130-$150/hour

(Note: Single session tattoo prices will vary based on several factors, such as design/intricacy/colour/style/supplies involved. For a price estimate or quote please contact me with a detailed description and references if applicable. SPECIAL NOTE: Please be advised that traditional methods of tattoo removal (laser removal or other treatments) do not work with UV pigment. For more information regarding UV Tattoos refer to FAQ.


  • Eyebrows:

    • Natural Hair Stroke - $550

    • Colour Wash - $400

  • Eyeliner:

    • Classic Upper Eyeliner - $300

    • Classic Lower Eyeliner - $300

    • Classic Upper & Lower Eyeliner - $500

    • Bold Upper Eyeliner - $350

    • Bold Lower Eyeliner - $350

    • Bold Upper & Lower Eyeliner - $600

(Note: Restoration prices vary depending on condition of pre-existing tattoos that were not done by me. Deductibles up to $100 off listed price, additional costs up to $100 on listed price.*)