Luna Vie Tattoos




All prices plus HST. All services include a complementary consultation.

A deposit is required for all new bookings. Minimum deposit amount is $40.

Accepted forms of payment:

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(Note: Touch-ups $40/half hour or included for eligible tattoos.*)


  • Greyscale Tattoos - From $80

  • Colour Tattoos - From $90

  • Invisible UV Tattoos - From $120

Hourly Rate: $130-$150/hour

(Note: Single session tattoo prices will vary based on several factors, such as design/intricacy/colour/style/supplies involved. For a price estimate or quote please contact me with a detailed description and references if applicable. SPECIAL NOTE: Please be advised that traditional methods of tattoo removal (laser removal or other treatments) do not work with UV pigment. For more information regarding UV Tattoos refer to FAQ.


Due to complications in upkeeping quality cosmetic tattoo pigments, I will no longer be offering any cosmetic/permanent make-up/paramedical tattooing services and instead will be solely focusing on traditional tattoos. If you have previously had a cosmetic tattoo service done by me, unfortunately no touch up/upkeep work will be possible through me after March 2019.