Luna Vie Tattoos


Policies, Rules and Regulations



Consultation appointments are free of charge, and you may book as many consultations as needed.


All new bookings require a $40 deposit. Deposit amounts do not vary depending on tattoo, however, if you prefer to you may pre-pay however much you’d like. Traditional tattoo deposits are deducted from your last tattoo session. Cosmetic tattoo deposits are deducted at first session.

Deposits/pre-paying are non refundable regardless of the amount.

Deposits do not expire.*

*Please note that deposits are only held for the specific tattoo project in which the deposit was placed for. In the event that you change your mind about the tattoo concept, your deposit will be declared invalid and a new deposit will be required to begin a new project.

Touch Ups

Touch ups are charged at a rate of $40/half hour, or are included for eligible/specified tattoos. If your tattoo is eligible for an included touch up, it will say so on your receipt or will be noted via text message/email. Included touch ups must be booked within 6 months of tattoo completion, otherwise will be charged at regular touch up rate. Touch up rate only applies to tattoos done at Luna Vie Tattoos. Touch ups for tattoos not originally competed by Luna Vie Tattoos are not eligible for touch up rates and will be charged at full rate.

Custom Design Tattoos

Tattoo deposits cover up to 2 hours of complementary tattoo design. In order to ensure you are completely satisfied and happy about your tattoo design, your design will be worked on until the point of perfection is reached. Changing your mind about elements in your design and requiring multiple variations may result in a consumption of the allotted 2 hours of design time, and in this case a $40 design fee will be required for an additional maximum of 2 hours of design time. Only your original $40 deposit will be carried onto the final cost of your tattoo.

Missed Appointments/Insufficient Notice of Cancellation or Reschedule

Rescheduling/cancellations require 24 hours minimum notice. If sufficient notice is not given, the deposit in which you paid will be consumed as a fee for lack of notice. To rebook, a new deposit will be required. Notice must be given via email or text message.

Late Attendance

Traffic, lack of parking or getting lost are understandable reasons for being reasonably late. Please let me know ASAP if you think you may be reasonably late. Being later than 20 mins past your appointment time will result in an automatic cancellation of your appointment. A new deposit will be required in order to reschedule. Some exceptions apply depending on the duration of your appointment and the tattoo(s) planned to be done during that session.


During your tattoo appointment it is typical of clients to bring a guest. 1-2 guests are welcome. Please contact me prior to your appointment if you wish to bring more than 2 guests. Tattoo parlours are no place for young children or infants. Young children and infants should not be brought to your tattoo appointment. If your toddler/infant must join you at your appointment, there must be another adult present to watch them attentively. NOTE: There is usually inappropriate-for-children music playing. Please contact me prior to your tattoo appointment if you would like to/need to bring your young child/infant to your upcoming appointment without another adult to accompany you; depending on the situation you may be asked to reschedule your appointment.

Gift Vouchers

Luna Vie Tattoos gift vouchers must be presented at tattoo appointment. The receipt is not necessary, however, the code on the gift voucher must perfectly match purchase records. Any gift cards with unmatched codes cannot be redeemed. Any gift cards that are lost or stolen can only be redeemed by the person who purchased it, and must be reported to me. Gift vouchers are non refundable, and cannot be exchanged for cash or money value at any given time. If there is a remaining balance after redeeming a gift card, it will remain as store credit. Gift voucher amounts are non taxable, however, tattoo appointments are subject to HST. Gift vouchers do not expire. Gift vouchers may be redeemed for any service or product offered at Luna Vie Tattoos.