Luna Vie Tattoos


A collection of interesting incounters.


I think this piece is just lovely. I really enjoyed the subtle but complex soft variations of greyscale. 

Luna Vie

I loved working on these roses! Not only did I get to know a wonderful lady, but I am proud of those branches lol. Sometimes I have no direction as to how something is gonna be filled in, and in those times I really just rely on the flow of the zone to create what I naturally think will work, visually. The art of tattooing is fascinating to me in that I get to adapt to everyone's skin and how each person accepts pigment, and every tattoo is a new challenge. When you're able to get into a zone, no matter what circumstance, I think it's always a pretty amazing experience that really exercises your ability to follow some deep instincts. These branches always remind me of how deep that zone can go. 

Luna Vie

Sometimes I do tattoos that I actually wish were on me lol. This was one of them, though I couldn't pull this off like this pretty lady does. I'm a big fan of Gothic/dark subjects and styles and I think this is so beautiful. 

Luna Vie